Q. What kind of embroidery thread do you use?
A. We use 100% Rayon Embroidery Thread. These threads are durable, washable, fade resistant and very long lasting. They can withstand any kind of home washing machine, hot or cold. However, these threads are not recommended for high temperature industrial wash (for e.g. stone wash - used for jeans). For industrial wash purposes, please ask us about using 100% Polyester Threads instead.

Q. How are the prices determined for embroidered patches?
A. The main factors in determining the price for embroidery patches such are Quantity, Size and Embroidery Coverage. Please see our Patch Pricing page for more details regarding the price.

Q. Beside Embroidery Patches, what other kinds of patches are you able to produce?
A. We are also able to produce Rhinestone Embroidery Patches, Sequin Embroidery Patches and Woven Label Patches.

- Rhinestone Embroidery Patches: These are basically Embroidery Patches, but with Rhinestones, Rhinestuds or other hot fix products attached to the patches. We have a wide variety of Rhinestone products available, and these can be viewed at Asia Hot Fix (http://www.asiahotfix.com). In addition to the Rhinestone Embroidery Patches, we are also able to create Sequin

- Sequin Embroidery Patches: These are Embroidery Patches but with automated sequin embroidery included. These sequins are applied directly from the embroidery machine, and can be made to embroider in any design.

- Woven Label Patches: We are also able to create woven label patches. Woven Label patches are useful in the event that you have a patch that contains very small letterings. These letterings may not be suitable for embroidery as it will not be clearly legible. For more details and quotations regarding our woven label patches, please visit Lucky Label (http://www.luckylabel.com).

Q. What are your payment methods?
A. We have an online payment system with a payment gateway from one of Thailand’s leading banks. Our online payment system accepts payment via VISA and MasterCard.

Q. Is your payment system secure?
A. Our payment system is provided by Kasikorn Bank, which is one of Thailand’s leading banks. All credit card details are sent directly to the bank. We, at Asia Patch do not receive or store any personal details regarding your credit card payments. The system is created using the latest security technology in order to prevent fraud or stolen information.

Q. What are your delivery methods?
A. We offer two kinds of delivery methods: Regular Airmail or Express Postage. Regular Airmail uses the local postal service to deliver the goods (equivalent to USPS in America). This service is cheaper, but the delivery time can be unpredictable – normally between 10 to 15 days. With Express Postage, we use the UPS service. This service is slightly more expensive, but has a confirmed delivery schedule of 4 business days. Delivery can also be tracked using the Waybill number given.

Q. Will I be liable for any additional charges such as Import Duty or Tax?
A. Please note that all import duty or taxes are the buyer’s responsibility. These charges are levied by your country’s customs office, and differ greatly from country to country. Most of the time the charges levied (if any) is also very inconsistent. You should check with your customs office regarding any possible charges before ordering.

Q. How can we contact you?
A. A. If you have any further enquiries, feel free to email us at sales@asiapatch.com, support@asiapatch.com, or asiapatch@gmail.com

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